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Bulletin Board 2/24/2017

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Permaculture at the University of Southern Maine

Learn how the University of Southern Maine is improving their campus grounds through permaculture.

Happy New Year!


Take on a new hobby in 2013. Volunteer at Saco River Community Television! We offer basic introductory video production training in our service area. Call Patrick or Matt at 727-5702 to make your appointment today.




We are introducing a new online player and live streaming option for viewing content from SRC-TV. We will be increasing our use of this feature over the next few months. Currently you can stream our live broadcast of Channel 2 via our PEG.TV station.

We are working on developing a schedule to accommodate each of the towns government meetings so they may also be viewed live on the web.  You may view our Live Station by clicking on the player below or by visiting src-tv.com/pegtv

. . . → Read More: PEG.TV

SRCTV on the Portland Press Herald

Read Bill Nemitz”s article in Last week’s Heral. Patrick Spoke to Bill about our popular programs and the pending Time Warner negotiations. . . . → Read More: SRCTV on the Portland Press Herald

Ch. 2 Update 10-12-11

Patrick Bonsant discusses the upcoming franchise renewal process with Tony Vigue of the Saco River Cable Committee. . . . → Read More: Ch. 2 Update 10-12-11

CMP Smart Meters

A representative from Central Maine Power will be addressing questions and concerns about the new smart meters at the Buxton Selectmen’s Meeting on Wednesday, January 19th, 7pm, town hall. . . . → Read More: CMP Smart Meters

Waterboro Ch. 5 Broadcast Issues


We have currently heard about live broadcast issues for Ch. 5 within North Waterboro. Time Warner has requested that residents call in to report any issues regarding the broadcast of Channel 5 in Waterboro so they may pinpoint the cause of the problems.

Call toll free 1-800-833-2253

As always Patrick and I appreciate the . . . → Read More: Waterboro Ch. 5 Broadcast Issues

Ch.5 Hollis technical Difficulties


The live broadcasts on the Government Access Channel 5 in Hollis cannot be seen on Digital Converter Boxes, only on analog cable feeds currently. This is due to a technical difficult with the broadcast signal. We are currently working to fix this issue. Please watch any live meetings on a Cable Ready TV or . . . → Read More: Ch.5 Hollis technical Difficulties