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New Ways to Watch SRC-TV

We have many new ways to watch content generated at SRC-TV.

We are streaming our channel live, 24/7 on our PEG-TV player – src-tv.com/pegtv/ – Just click on Live Streams category to see the feeds we have available.  This is also where we are keeping an online archive of town meetings and user generated content.

We have also started uploading the audio from town meetings and programs we produce.  This is accessible through iTunes (Search for SRCTV) and also through our podcast on this site, src-tv.org/podcastgen/

Finally, we are keeping our Vimeo site current, vimeo.com/srctv, however we need to know which services are the most effective in reaching our viewers.

Please try these services and give us your feedback at srctv.me@gmail.com

Also connect with the station on facebook.com/srctv and twitter as SRC_TV

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