SRC-TV Live Program Guidelines

Any program produced using Saco River Communtiy Television (SRC-TV) equipment and/or facilities, or provided to SRC-TV for cablecast must comply with the rules set forth in the SRC-TV policies manual and specifically must not contain any of the following:

Lottery, or information about a lottery, gift enterprises or similar schemes.

Any solicitation of funds or advertising designed to promote the sale of commercial products or services.

Any material that violates Town, State, or Federal laws including, but not limited to those relating to sedition, defamation, slander, libel, invasion of privacy, trademark or copyright.

Obscenity as defined by community standards.

Applicant assumes full responsibility for the content of all program material produced or provided and cablecast by SRC-TV. Insurance must be given that such material will not violate any rights of any third party.

Clearances, approvals, and licenses necessary for materials contained in any programs produced or provided must be obtained in writing before requesting cablecasting dates.

SRC-TV, the SRC-TV Board of Directors, the Saco River Cable Committee, Adelphia Cable, the six Towns and their respective staffs will be indemnfied and held harmless from any claims arising out of the use of any program material produced or provided to SRC-TV for cablecast by the applicant.

Applicant must understand and agree not to use SRC-TV equipment and/or facilities to produce or broadcast programs or other materials for financial gain, and that all programming produced with SRC-TV equipment may only be shown on non-commerical, Public, Educational or Governmental Access channels.

Applicant must understand that the interpretations of these rules shall be at the discretions of the SRC-TV Access Manager, and that an appeal of said decision may be made to the SRC-TV Board of Directors whose decision shall be final.

Applicant must agree to release SRC-TV from responsibility if any program material supplied is damaged, lost or stolen while in SRC-TV’s custody and agree to pay all costs for repair or replacement of equipment belonging to SRC-TV or the 6 Towns which may be lost, stolen or damaged while signed out by applicant.

Compliance Form

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